Walk the Talk (1 Peter)

What does it look like to follow God—even when life gets difficult?

This Bible study explores the Book of 1 Peter, tackling foundational questions of the Christian life and faith.

As we take in the apostle Peter’s words to the early believers, we learn:

How we can begin to think differently—which will radically affect our behavior.

How to be obedient to God and develop an “appetite for being good."

How to create a radical change in our relationships.

How to prepare for suffering that inevitably comes to everyone, trusting a loving God who has promised to care for us.

Whether you plan to study on your own or with a group, 1 Peter: Walk the Talk offers a thoughtful, practical look at this epistle.

This seven-session study also includes a discussion guide with questions and optional activities.


Print Version: $9.99 Paperback. 122 pages.
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