A sermon resource you’ll
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Includes sermons, illustrations, and powerpoints.


Sermon Preparation

The clock is ticking.

For pastors and teachers, it's always ticking.

That's why every preacher values a resource that lets you get the job done — helping you write your sermon your way.

Good ideas. Usable illustrations. Workable outlines. A fresh perspective on a familiar text.

It's what you'll find at Preaching Library, week in and week out.

This is a resource that slows down the ticking of the clock.

Dig a little deeper.

More than 825 sermons covering virtually every text and topic. No matter what you're preaching, we have resources to help you research your text and develop your content.

Sermons that are practical and uplifting. Sermons that help your listeners connect with the power of God's promises.

And for the special days, we've got you covered. Christmas. Easter. Mother's Day and Father's Day. Palm Sunday and Pentecost. Lent and Advent.

Plus, more than 115 sermon series to develop and customize.

Sermon Resources
Sermon illustrations

Take it to the house.

Many pastors say that finding good illustrations is the hardest part of sermon preparation.

Not Preaching Library members.

5000 stories and quotes in our growing collection of illustrations will help find just what you need to bring light to every idea.

Make it shine.

Power points and series graphics to bring clarity to each message, and unity to each series. Many series also have introductory and/or countdown videos.

You can get started today.


Sermon Graphics

Solve Your Biggest Preaching-Related Problems

Get ready to tackle the greatest challenges you face each week in sermon planning and preparation.

Say Good-bye to a Blank Page.

Thousands of ideas to kickstart your creativity, offering fresh ideas and new perspectives.

Plan Your Schedule Months in Advance.

Develop a long-term teaching/preaching strategy that your entire team can follow.

A Fresh Perspective on Familiar Themes.

Preaching Library will help you develop a new approach to frequently used texts and topics.

Prepare for Special Days & Seasons.

Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mother's Day et al. Sermons and complete series to help you get ready.

Get Your Media Presentation Ready

Power points are ready for your customization. Graphics and additional media files to use with each series.

Find the Story that Makes the Message

When you've got great content, but you still need that one story to bring all together. We've got it.

Calvin Miller

“Becoming a great preacher, like becoming a great artist, requires a life commitment.”



Practical and uplifting, with a strong emphasis on application.
More than 825 sermons.


Covering books of the Bible and contemporary topics.
More than 115 series.


Stories, devotionals, news items and sermon starters.
More than 5000 illustrations.


Fully developed power points, and power point templates.
Hundreds to choose from.

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